Vitamin C, what is it used for in our skin?

Vitamin C, what is it used for in our skin?
The Unknown Skin Improving Benefits of Vitamin C
This vitamin hydrates, brightens, works as an antioxidant and is excellent for removing all blemishes when applied to the skin.

By Francisca Quezada
Vitamin C is not only used to prevent colds, it is also good to improve the quality of our skin. How?
The dermatologist Alejandra Ríos from Central Klinic told us about its effects and the most effective way to apply it.
The many benefits of vitamin C:
- It reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
-Activates the synthesis of collagen and is an epidermal repairer.
-In sensitive skin it minimizes irritation and makes the absorption of creams more effective.
-By applying vitamin C to your face, you can have smooth, clean and shiny skin.
-Improves the texture of your skin and reduces blemishes.
-Improves skin quality

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